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Femininity does not end with dresses!

Not every representative of the fair sex has to be a lover of dresses. We dispel the myth associated with the belief that the dress is an indicator of femininity. It can be successfully replaced simply by pants that are well-fitted to the figure. At Naree, we strive to create models that will fit many extremely different silhouettes. We create pants in a variety of cuts so that everyone can find something to suit their needs. What undoubtedly gives pants an advantage is the comfort of use. To niezaprzeczalnie jeden z częściej wykorzystywanych argumentów. However, we would like to prove that not only comfort, but also appearance should speak for their choice.

Pants are not equal to pants

Our pants are first and foremost quality! It is thanks to it that no matter which model is chosen, both the comfort of wearing and the visual effect are excellent! When deciding to create a particular model, we focus on the women who will wear them. We strive to develop ideal designs that will harmonize with the silhouette. In the available assortment we have pants of a less and more formal nature - fabric, denim or sweatpants. The last are the absolute definition of comfort. Jeansy to z kolei jedna z najlepszych możliwych elementów bazowych. Można założyć je do stylizacji eleganckich jak i casualowych. W wydaniu z żakietem, Topem Naked i szpilkami będą idealne do pracy. Ze sneakersami i bluzą sprawdzą się na długi spacer czy zakupy. Możliwości ich stylizacji jest całe mnóstwo. Podobnie zresztą jak spodni materiałowych. We bet on wide cuts - palazzo or culottes, which perfectly model the figure.

Shorts not only for summer

Many people associate shorts exclusively with summer styling. Of course, such are also available in our assortment, both in a homely, tracksuit version and a slightly more casual, denim version. We have also created a universal model that looks sensational worn with bare legs as well as with tights. Isla shorts can successfully replace classic skirts. You can style them typically summer, as well as wear them in combination with high boots and cowboy boots. This is a solution that perfectly fits the current trends. The cuts, sewn by us shorts, are simple and timeless. Lovers of bold patterns will also find something for themselves this time - we focus on diversity, meeting women's expectations.



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