What distinguishes the Naree body?

Bodies for a very long time were seen only as an underwear item. With time, the potential of their form was recognized by major fashion houses and so they became part of trends for many seasons. Bodies with their shape deceptively refer to the construction of swimsuits. Fastening is made possible by snaps, placed in the crotch. Thanks to the ribbons, surrounding the clasp, the bodysuits remain extremely comfortable in everyday use. Soft, natural fabric provides the body with the pleasure of wearing. The bodysuits fit beautifully to the silhouette - wrapping it at the same time without sagging on it.

How to style a body?

Body Naree is a versatile and timeless item of clothing. You can incorporate them into almost any type of styling! Naree bodies are fitted, so they combine perfectly with slightly wider items of clothing. They can be matched with a skirt as well as pants - those in viscose as well as denim. Body worn with Formato or Florence pants and boots, they will be perfect for work. Juxtaposed with stilettos will be perfect for elegant outings. Body is perfect as a base under a jacket or loose shirt. Subdued colors fit both the office dress code and more casual outfits.

Femininity in a basic edition.

Who said that only in dresses you can look really feminine? The cut of the bodysuit was designed to emphasize the qualities of a woman's figure. As a result, some parts of the body are highlighted, while others are subtly modeled. The deep V-neck has been cut to fit both larger and smaller bust sizes. For those who prefer not to uncover the cleavage, there is an option to wear the bodysuit back to front. The material from which the bodysuit is sewn beautifully outlines the bust area, while supporting it. The way of stitching gives you complete freedom in wearing the bra. Its absence will certainly not be noticed, as the front of the bodysuit has been double lined.