White, black, beige and denim are absolutely never boring! They are the perfect foundation for creating a stylish closet. Effective styling does not entail having a huge amount of clothes! It is enough to equip your closet with a few base pieces, which can be easily styled in many ways. According to the idea behind the term "basic" in every closet should be "basic" clothes - with a simple, classic cut, plain or discreetly decorated, kept in muted colors. Minimalist, timeless and universal - these are the best terms for basic clothes. It is dominated by subdued colors, there is no place for flashy patterns, although the combination of basic and bold prints always looks sensational. When betting on basics, it is worth choosing high-quality products, made of materials of natural origin, with a high degree of durability. The most popular here will undoubtedly be cotton, linen or viscose! 

Basic clothes never go out of fashion!

Basic clothes have no expiration date! Minimalists and lovers of classics are in love with them! They will work brilliantly for many seasons and will be hosted in summer and winter styling. Basic is a category that gives the opportunity to lead order to our closet. One basic T-shirt can be used for many occasions - in elegant styling to a jacket, casual to jeans or sporty to shorts. This will save space in the closet and ensure that we always have something to wear. Basic style is hosted in the closets of women who always look good. It is a classic, laced with a simple yet interesting form. 

Classic women's clothing the basis of your closet

Less = more is a rule that works perfectly in the world of basic. There are several products that will build the base of any closet! The first is plain short-sleeved shirts and longsleeves in muted colors. Plain, solid bodysuits will also be ideal. They can be matched with mom jeans, wide fabric pants or sweatpants. In any edition they will look perfect! It is best to bet on shades of beige, white, black and gray - this will give the largest range of possibilities. Dimmed shades of green will also work well. Denim is another must have of the basic closet!  Both washed denim color and navy blue or black fit perfectly into the minimalist nature of styling. At the same time, they can be worn on a daily basis and for work. Basic is not only pants or blouses! Dresses fit perfectly into this timeless style! Both colors and cuts are important in this regard. It is best to decide on universal forms - those that we will want to wear for many seasons and for different occasions. The right accessories can change the face of a dress! Thus, one model will be perfect both with stilettos and with sneakers.