Skirts for all occasions

It has become established that, especially in the colder period of the year, skirts are better avoided. Nothing could be further from the truth! Let Naree skirts be the best example that you can enjoy them all year round! The greatest asset of each of our skirts is the unique yet timeless cut, which will work perfectly with tights as well as bare legs. This is certainly one of the many aspects in favor of wearing skirts. They can be matched with summer footwear - in the form of flip-flops or sneakers, or typically autumn cowboy boots and boots. Both the formal edition with stilettos and the slightly more casual one will undoubtedly attract attention. So the number of possibilities is endless! It is enough to convince you that skirts are one of the best alternatives to glorified pants.

How to style them?

In dressing skirts, the most important rule is not to limit yourself to formal styling. The reluctance to wear skirts was born precisely from wearing them in a classic way, verging on boring. Only recently has there been a trend for styling skirts in a slightly bolder way. They are more and more willing to be combined with casual t-shirts and sporty footwear. In this case, printed T-shirts and blazers work perfectly. Such a combination is stylish and at the same time a bit more casual, perfect for a walk or going out with friends. Naturally, still the combination of a skirt with slightly more elegant shoes is in line with the prevailing trends for many seasons. To give a little more character to the styling, we can combine the skirt with a shirt or blouse with an intense pattern.

Skirts for short and for tall

Naree skirts were created so that every woman - regardless of her figure - feels and looks captivating! Every Woman is beautiful, this is not subject to any discussion, however, not everyone feels comfortable in all cuts or lengths, which we fully understand. So we sew our skirts to meet expectations, which are often highly varied. We mainly rely on envelope skirts, as their cut allows them to fit the figure. Solid colors are predominant, including primarily black. This is the most versatile color, which allows you to create a variety of styling - those for everyday and for special outings. There are also slightly bolder models, in energizing colors and patterns.