Jeans is a classic of the genre

Jeans has reigned in the fashion world for almost two centuries. Originally intended for someone else entirely, the material has become one of the most popular in the world. While cuts and styles have changed over the decades, denim has remained constant. The current trends are a nod to the 1980s. It was then that the biggest fashion statement was the combination of denim and denim, today we would call it a total look. Stylish, versatile and durable - that's exactly what denim is! No wonder everyone wants to have it in their closet! The bright version of denim is still the most popular. It is inexorably caught up with the black shade. It's not surprising, considering that both colors go with any styling!

Denim in Naree - why is it worth it?

Invariably, guided by quality and durability, in an aesthetic and stylish way, we have created a denim collection that should undoubtedly make its way into a woman's closet! The gently washed shade of denim will allow you to juxtapose them with any, the most vibrant color. That's why Naree denim jackets brilliantly combine with any type of beauty. The cut of Ravello denim pants is an absolute masterpiece. Brilliantly models the silhouette. It enhances the feminine shape, subtly emphasizing the waist area. The legs gently taper to the bottom, optically lengthening the legs. Denim Naree is quality and style, which is a perfect duet!

How to style denim Naree?

Denim is a material that is perfect for styling! Denim jackets are a timeless piece of clothing. They can be worn with pants, while they go equally well with our dresses - both plain, solid colors and slightly more patterned ones. The whole look appears girly and lightweight. Denim jackets will also be an excellent substitute for classic jackets and blazers. Denim pants are a base for styling of any character! Casual, sporty or even elegant - depending on your needs, you can build it with accessories. For work, it is particularly recommended to combine jeans with a shirt and cowboy boots or boots. If it is moribund to build an elegant styling, you can replace them with stilettos. For a casual look, you can combine jeans with a black jacket and sneakers.