Fashion loves inspiration

Asian culture and fashion have repeatedly inspired European designers, so it's no wonder that major fashion houses have come to love kimonos exactly like Naree! The models we sew are unique products that are memorable. Based on the traditional cut of the kimono, we created a model with a unique character. Wide sleeves, a lowered shoulder line, a V-neck, a belt placed at the height of the waist are a few features of our kimono, which perfectly emphasizes the qualities of a woman's figure. The simple form of kimonos even requires combining them with bold patterns! Thanks to them, Naree kimonos are absolutely unique. However, we have not forgotten about subdued color versions, which will work well for more formal occasions or for work.

Kimonas for every occasion

Despite the fact that the original indicated something completely different, Kimon Naree are the definition of femininity. In how to use them, we are limited only by our imagination. Exceptional fabrics, with uncommon weaves and unorthodox shades, make Kimonas even a universal closet item. Extremely important for us is the quality of the fabrics, so we try to choose fully natural ones. Most of our kimonos are made of viscose materials. Some have linen or cotton in their composition. Each of the materials gives great wearing comfort. In the available assortment we have kimonos in various lengths - mini, midi and maxi. Each of them can be further adjusted to the figure - by blousing the kimono you can maneuver its final length.

How to wear Kimonos

Kimono works well as a dress. It can be paired with both stilettos, in an elegant version, and flat sandals or cowboy boots, in a more casual version. The fabric belt can be replaced by a leather one, adding a chic touch to the styling. Kimono is a great addition to beach styling. Wearing them in the form of a bedspread will protect you from the sun's rays. Thanks to a wide range of colors, it is possible to perfectly match the kimono to the swimsuit. Kimono can also be treated as a substitute for a bathrobe. The delicate fabric will undoubtedly help you relax completely. Kimono can also be a great part of everyday styling. Paired with a Naked top and Ravello jeans it will be suitable for coffee with a friend or even for going to work!