Shirts and Blouses


Naree shirts and blouses are perfect proof that the strength is in simplicity

Versatility is our middle name! We give a new dimension to the classic cuts of shirts. We break their common character with an interesting and original form. Each of our shirts is a timeless base, for many different stylizations. We place emphasis on intriguing fabric weaves. We rely on natural materials, of high quality. We try to cater to lovers of striking patterns as well as plain, muted colors. Trends pass, and shirts are still an absolute must have! A high-quality product will ensure not only a stylish look, but also a high level of wearing comfort.

Women love extremes

A white shirt is a basic element of a woman's closet. In the assortment of our store there are different versions of it! What distinguishes each of them are the details. It is they that mainly determine what character a given styling will take on. In shirts we focus on subtle accents, of which buttons are a perfect example. Gold, wooden or tortoiseshell - each of them is a perfect complement to our shirts. However, white is not always the best option! That's why slightly more daring patterns and intense colors are also available on our site.

Shirt has more than one name

There is no denying that shirts, which were once considered an underwear piece of clothing, are now an invaluable element of women's styling. Thanks to them you can sensationally emphasize what is our asset or cover up what could deprive us of self-confidence. Oversize shirts can easily hide any imperfections, so it is worth having them in your closet. Juxtaposed with a slightly more fitted bottom, they fit perfectly into both office and casual dresscode. Patterned shirts and blouses attract attention and in most cases perfectly highlight the beauty, adding character to the styling.



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