The perfect pajamas

For all those who also want to keep their individual style after dark, we have created a unique Sleepwear collection! Soft fleshy fabric. With a gently shimmering jacquard pattern. There are two, very different groups of lovers and opponents of pajamas. It's a matter of individual We are almost convinced that those sewn in Naree will not let you forget about each other! We rely on solid colors and delicate patterns, which can easily be combined as desired, giving the set a unique character.

Why exactly this model?

Pajamas must be comfortable! No matter how it will be used in the end, it must provide pleasure of wearing. Wrap the body, allowing it to breathe and not restricting movement. Thanks to the simple, slightly looser form, the use of our pajamas is pure pleasure. The button fastening allows you to maneuver the depth of the neckline. It also allows you to put on and take off the pajamas efficiently, without having to put them over your head. The length of the sleeves is not accidental - it is ideal for chilly nights under the quilt, as well as evenings spent under a blanket. The material has been chosen to make a visual impression and provide comfort.

Sleepwear not only for sleeping

The main goal in creating the pajamas was to sew models perfect for many occasions. We have to admit that we succeeded so well that our pajamas look great not only for evening wear! They are gladly worn as a casual summer set! Total look is one of the sieler trends, which will also dominate in the coming season. Energizing colors, combined with jacquard embossing beautifully harmonize with the cut of the pajamas. The top can also be successfully used in slightly colder seasons. It looks great tucked into pants.