Active every day

From an early age it was instilled in our heads that movement is health! Some became convinced of this right away, while others needed a little more time. Both the active part and those who have not yet begun to introduce movement into their routine we bring you the Active set. The first group no doubt knows what to use them for. The second may just start their adventure with an active lifestyle thanks to them. Still others will simply be able to style them in everyday outfits - after all, nothing stands in the way.

For whom was the Active collection created?

Active ensembles were created primarily for all active, full of life women. Do you run, rollerblade, maybe walk a lot or simply your daily schedule is bursting at the seams with responsibilities? Active set will keep up with you. It features fashionable colors and high-quality material. At the design stage, the main idea was to create a comfortable yet good-looking outfit. The design was refined in such a way as to gently model the silhouette, without disturbing its proportions. The fabric of which the set was created works together with the silhouette, while giving pleasure of wearing. It does not restrict movement, allowing you to fully meet the challenges of everyday life. The upper part of the set reviews and supports the bust, gently outlining it. The lower highlights the buttocks area. The high top models the waist area, so that the silhouette seems to be modeled.

How to style the Active set?

The sporty nature of the set can easily be broken with accessories! This will allow you to create a slightly more casual styling. We recommend pairing it with a shirt. Both unbuttoned loose shirt and buttoned and tied at the waist will look great! In creating a smart casual styling will help to combine the set with a jacket. Sporty elegance will be suitable for going out with friends or to work. The length of the shorts allows you to wear them on slightly more formal occasions. If you want to create a streetwear styling, it is enough to combine the Active comport with an oversized sweatshirt and sneakers. One set gives you a lot of possibilities!