Jacket & Blazers


Jackets and blazers are an addiction for many women

They owe their uniqueness to their multifunctionality. Both jacket and blazer can be the base of a styling as well as complement it. Thus, they can be used for different occasions, playing with their simple yet interesting form. Jackets in intense colors will fit perfectly into basic styling, adding a unique character to it. Denim jackets can be matched with almost any casual styling. Denim looks brilliant as a total look. We encourage you to match Isabell jacket with Ravello jeans.

How to style them?

Certain closet items can never be too much! Without a doubt, you can add jackets and blazers to this list. A jacket almost always adds chic and elegant styling. This does not mean that you can create only classic combinations with it. Jackets look great in a smart casual edition. A white or black t-shirt, jeans and sports shoes will combine perfectly with a blazer! In early autumn, it is worth replacing sneakers with boots or cowboy boots. The question of jeans depends entirely on your own preferences - almost any model, from tube jeans to wide bells, will work sensationally in these styles! As for our brand, you can successfully wear jackets and jackets interchangeably! A great example is the Isabell jacket! You can use it as an outer garment as well as a bedspread, completing your styling with it.

Jackets and blazers are a great addition to dresses!

The weather can be changeable, so even on summer evenings a jacket or jacket can be almost indispensable! When creating the Naree collection, we tried to make most of the elements correspond with each other. Therefore, the combination of jackets and jackets with dresses is an ideal idea - practical and extremely consistent! For elegant styling we recommend jackets. They will work sensationally in combination with stilettos or boots. This will allow you to create an output styling, for special occasions. For everyday use, a combination of a denim jacket and a dress will be excellent. The length of our jackets allows you to perfectly match them with dresses - both midi and mini. Katana in combination with an oversized dress will allow you to give your styling a streetwear style. The crop top jacket perfectly corresponds with envelope dresses and midi models.