What distinguishes Naree dresses?

Naree dresses are globally inspired models, in an affordable way for everyone. We create a variety of variations of classic cuts, which can be found in vain in other stores in Poland. We take universal cuts, giving them a unique expression. We pay great attention to ensure that our designs emphasize the feminine beauty, without dominating it. We are flexible - we give space to adjust the dress to your own figure. This is a considerable advantage of envelope dresses. For oversized models, we often add attached fabric straps, so you can tie the dress and loosen it to any length you prefer. We want to give women confidence without overwhelming their natural grace. With this idea in mind, we design dresses that harmonize with their shapes.

The definition of our dresses is quality

At every stage of the creation process, quality plays the most important role. It is she who is the greatest value of our dresses. It gives us confidence that the final version will serve women for much longer than one season. We do not accept half-measures, which means that very often there is a winding road from the creation of a design to the sewing of a dress. We aim high, which is why our dresses are absolute masterpieces. Each of the available models has been tailored to emphasize the advantages of the female figure. The open bottoms of dresses perfectly model the figure, giving it ideal proportions. V-shaped necklines perfectly highlight the bust area, slimming the neck. Long sleeves are often replaced by those in 3/4 length , making the arms appear optically slimmer.

The inspiration for each dress is a woman

Naree is a brand with a whole host of women behind it. So we understand how diverse needs and tastes have representatives of the fair sex. The dresses available in our assortment give a whole range of possibilities! No matter what type of figure you have, the variety of designs and colors will allow you to choose the perfect dress. One of the most popular cuts, are envelope dresses. Equally popular are slightly more oversized models. We are working to ensure that dresses bought at Naree can be worn not only for different occasions, but also in different ways. Many models come with a fabric belt to accentuate the waist in those models that can also be worn loosely.



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