Maxi Dresses


Casual meeting with friends, an evening dinner, a formal party, a lavish wedding - all these occasions will be perfect to wear a maxi dress! This is one of the most popular cuts, which is often called a symbol of femininity. For years it was used to cover the female body, until it finally evolved and today it is one of the strongest fashion trends. Its function is not to cover up the female figure, but to emphasize its advantages. Exactly the same values guide us in creating designs at Naree! Our clothes are meant to give women self-confidence and provide comfort of wearing, so that no one feels like a disguise. Not surprisingly, we could not miss maxi length dresses as well.

Maxi dress - beauty in length 

The length of the maxi perfectly affects the appearance of the silhouette! It optically lengthens and slims it, so paradoxically it will be ideal for shorter people. Juxtaposing this cut with heeled shoes will further lengthen the legs. Of course, tall people will look equally great in this cut! The length of the maxi will emphasize the proportions of the figure, which is a considerable asset of the female figure. Possible imperfections should not be a worry, because maxi dresses tend to effectively level out flaws. This is also helped by intense patterns that focus attention. The maxi length will be ideal for pregnant women. It will be stylish, and at the same time provide full comfort of wearing. 

Long dress for everyday and special occasions

Long dresses were for a very long time associated with voluminous ball gowns, straight from fairy tales. However, their potential was recognized by the designers of major fashion houses, which made this cut very popular! Today, the availability of maxi dresses is so great that you can easily choose the cut that is perfect for your figure. This cut is perfect for summer. Airy, delicate materials provide high comfort of wearing and at the same time look stylish and elegant. For summer styling, floral patterns are perfect. This extremely feminine pattern works not only in everyday styling! It sensationally fits into the wedding dress code! It provides an original, but at the same time not too flashy styling, in which you can dance all night! For those who are not fond of flashy patterns, we recommend choosing plain maxi dresses. With the right accessories, you can easily style them for almost any occasion.