Wedding Dresses


A wedding is a special occasion not only in the life of the bride and groom, but also in the life of the entire family and all invited guests. For years, the prospect of attending this event has been associated with the need to find the perfect styling. We realize that for many people this is an important and often even difficult decision. After all, everyone would like to feel and look beautiful on such a special day! However, do not forget about the sense of freedom! 

The right styling should provide full comfort, because this is what guarantees a good time. It is worth reaching for such clothes that will not thwart plans to dance until dawn. Wedding dresscode is very diverse. For years, a wedding was associated with the need to wear long ball gowns. Nowadays, styling depends mainly on the preferences of the guests themselves. Of course, when choosing a dress for the wedding, it is worth taking into account the style in which the bride and groom decided to arrange their wedding day. There are many styles perfect for the occasion! Fashion never sleeps and with the assortment available today, almost everyone is able to find the perfect outfit for themselves. 

Flower dress for a wedding - unique styling?

A floral dress is perfect for any occasion - including a wedding! It is an excellent option for Women who want to look unique. The floral pattern adds delicacy and femininity to the styling. What's more, floral patterns are very diverse which provides a whole range of suggestions for those looking for the perfect wedding styling. Among floral patterns you can find many unique motifs and colors, making each such dress original. The choice of a particular pattern depends on individual preferences - larger or smaller, delicate or bold, colorful or romantic - absolutely everyone will look insane. 

The versatility of floral dresses allows you to wear them not only to a wedding. It makes them the perfect companion for everyday wear! Dresses available at Naree are a guarantee of unique, expressive designs and colors. In the available assortment you can find a variety of floral motifs, so that representatives of different body types, can choose something that perfectly complements their natural beauty. 

Lace dress for a wedding - a hit or a faux pas?

Lace dresses are a great choice for a wedding! Lace has very different facets. It is associated with femininity and elegance. It has been present in fashion history and culture for centuries. The mythical master of Greek lace-making competed with Athena herself for the title of queen of handicrafts, which only confirms how ancient the history of this material is. Nowadays, there are countless types of lace - from the delicate and minimalist ones, to the traditional ones, to the oriental and modern ones. This means that when looking for a lace dress for a wedding, you can choose from an endless number of designs and colors. Lace dresses could not be missed at Naree either. In our collection we used cotton lace, with a fleshy finish and a slightly stiff texture. Lace is often associated by women with a lack of comfort. By creating the Mila lace dress design, we wanted to put an end to such associations. The Mila model is proof that lace dresses can be comfortable! Cotton provides full freedom of movement, plus it has highly developed hygroscopic properties, which allows the skin to breathe. This model will be the perfect companion for parties until dawn! In addition to comfort, it will also provide original styling, in good taste. It will fit perfectly on almost any type of figure. Both short and tall people will look captivating in Mila lace dress. 

Classic and elegant dresses for weddings

Classics can be insanely feminine! Maybe that's why midi dresses are the perfect choice for a wedding. They are undoubtedly a guarantee of comfort and good tyle. This type of dress provides full freedom and at the same time looks very elegant and stylish. Midi dresses have a length that reaches half calf, which allows you to move comfortably, and on the occasion of weddings full of energy revelry and dancing all night. This length of dress never goes out of fashion. It is the absolute quintessence of class and suits almost every body type. It is ideal for women who appreciate class and elegance, and at the same time want to look feminine and sensual. Depending on which cut of the dress is chosen, it will be possible to subtly emphasize other parts of the body. Envelope midi dresses will beautifully emphasize the neckline and bust area, while slimming the neck. Simple models will emphasize the tasteful character of the owner. The blushed dresses will perfectly behave in the dance, and the fitted models will beautifully emphasize the feminine silhouette. Such variety will allow you to choose something absolutely perfect for any type of figure.