This year's autumn is a completely new look for Naree. We do not disavow our roots, once again reaching for original patterns of dresses or unobvious cuts of shirts. However, we are more and more willing to rely on plain fabrics in muted colors. We appreciate quality and functionality, so we do not give up on materials of natural origin. We create timeless models, sprinkled with a touch of contemporary nonchalance.
Naree x Szulc
Generous cuts of oversized shirts go hand in hand with feminine schmisseries for any occasion. Naree's signature floral dresses, make room for wool sweaters, suits and coats in subdued colors, while never stepping off the stage. Naree unveils a new definition of everyday extravagance, giving women the opportunity to stand out in the crowd.
The AW'23 collection javels between unforced elegance and casual ease, giving Women the opportunity to express their individual style and freedom. It is an invitation to the world of bold choices, going beyond the limits of prevailing trends or expectations of the environment. The same dress can be a completely different story, worn by different Women. This diversity is, in our opinion, the essence of natural beauty.
The unique story of Naree's fall collection was helped to visualize Dorota Szulc. The talented Polish photographer, who combines femininity with sports, daring to break conventions. The session was shot in Krakow's Hevre, a place that served as a Synagogue more than a century ago. According to what its managers say today, modern in thought, traditional in spirit, an original backdrop for Naree's original clothes.