This summer, so far immersed in the culture of Italy's La dolce vita, we decided to take it a step further, towards the Andalusian sun, sandy beaches and the equally unique La buena vida. The collection was inspired by Spain in all its glory: the Spanish temperament, the sweetness of oranges and the smell of the salty sea, which leaves memories of sunsets long after the summer has passed.
Naree x Szulc
La buena vida means the good life. We want to invite you to discover beauty in everyday life and taste it with all your senses. Not only on vacation, but especially in everyday life!
La buena vida is a collection full of eclecticism, casual ease, feminine forms emphasizing what is most beautiful in the body, but also elegance, understood in many ways. We transfer the climate of hot days, equally hot evenings and the most beautiful memories directly into the closets of Polish women, celebrating the fact that we become an integral part of the stories they write in our clothes.
Bold colors, interesting prints, models that have never been seen before! All this accompanied by classics and timeless elegance, which no closet can lack. That's why we alternate suits with holiday t-shirts, complement simple shirts with distinctive patterns, not forgetting the brand's flagship summer product, the beach kimono, this time complemented by shorts and pants.
Get to know our novelties and discover models that you will love from the first time you wear them!