Naree More is the new face of the brand. It is a collection created for women who appreciate modern design in a minimalist way. The materials used for the MORE collection are characterized by unique, fleshy weaves and interesting textures. They are original and durable. They look great in combination with the simple cuts of our designs. When creating the MORE collection, we put even more emphasis on details. It is they that define the unique character of the collection, highlighting the clean lines and minimalism. Details are small pieces of the puzzle, thanks to which seemingly simple models acquire a completely different expression. Unique buttons, decorative cord trims or interesting patterns, catch the eye and distinguish the More collection.

Minimalism goes hand in hand with the cult of natural beauty

The More collection is dominated by solid shades and subtle floral patterns. Our clothes are meant to emphasize feminine beauty without dominating natural beauty. The collection is made of materials of natural origin, which guarantees a stylish look and full comfort. Naree More is a manifestation of self-confidence. We are committed to making every woman feel special. This conviction will allow the More collection to shine while remaining delicate, minimalist and simple. The unique cuts appear multi-dimensional thanks to the details. Delicate creases or asymmetrical stitching can enliven a seemingly simple dress and give it a stylish touch. Details are like secrets we discover in our clothes, and they make us feel special.

Express your personality with the More collection

Fashion is one of the best ways to express your personality. Minimalist designs will fit into a woman's closet with incredible ease. They can be the perfect stimulus to make a change. In addition, thanks to your favorite accessories, you can create with them a fashionable styling that fits very different tastes. The devil is in the details, and less is more - everyone has heard one of these popular sayings at least once in his life. We can guarantee that when it comes to the world of fashion these are certainly not empty phrases. Creating a collection in the spirit of minimalism and simplicity could come down to the basic. Naree wants to give something more. The key to understanding the More collection is the ability to see the small yet essential details. They are what transform simple forms into something truly extraordinary! Naree More allows you to express your personality, through your individuality.