"Twenty-year-old Mila was afraid of loneliness. Today, I am fighting to push this fear as far away as possible. My professional path is proof that I am winning this battle and getting out of the frame, every day. One thing I always tell the Women around me is not to be afraid of being yourself. It may sound cliché, but in a world full of creations, being yourself should be the strongest trend in life, despite the fears that accompany us."
Mila Piwowarska
Empowered beauty by Naree
Girl. Woman. Wife. Mother. A friend. Sister. A partner. Stranger. Every day the world tries to lock you into a framework. To pigeonhole you. And you face it every day. You move away from the usual patterns. You become even stronger. Your actions shout louder than the opinions of others. You are our inspiration, the source of every design. Our suits were created to keep pace with you in a world full of frameworks. You are the one who will help them step outside the box.
The suit was imprisoned in a frame for many years. It was a symbol of masculinity and power. It was associated with elegance and desk work. Today, it is an expression of feminine strength and versatility. With momentum, he entered the mainstream, showing the world a completely new casual look. Limitations do not exist. You are the one who makes the rules. You don't have to choose between elegance and being yourself. You can create your own definition of style with a suit in the lead role.
Naree's spring collection proves that your confidence doesn't need a uniform. Our suit is meant to be an expression of your character. It is meant to serve you, not the whole world. It is your base from which you will create a unique story of your everyday life. Your confidence will be as evident in a purple suit worn with sneakers as in a black version with stilettos. You were the inspiration for its creation and only you can decide how you want to wear it.