You have 14 days for return
You fill in the form
You ship at your own expense

To make a return, generate a return request in your customer account and then print out the return form or rewrite the form available on our website manually and place it in the package. If you placed the order as a Guest, the return request in the system will not be possible. Then print out the incomplete form from our website (you will find it in the returns tab). Then send the package to our address.

It is not mandatory, but it allows us to verify the shortcomings.

Our customers have 14 days to make a return request and another 14 days to send the order to us. If the desire to return is not noted you must send it within 14 days.

The return should be sent to: Naree Sp. z o.o., Rydlówka 20 Street, 30-363 Krakow, tel. 730-023-999

The choice of the carrier with the help of which the package will be returned is up to you. If you want to send the return via the Polish Post, please send it in the form of a package, not a letter. If, on the other hand, you want to send the return via parcel machines, please select the "Parcel-home" option. Otherwise, the package will not be delivered to us.

Returned products do not need to be packed in our boxes. However, it is necessary to protect them properly so that they are not damaged, if any, during transport

The status of the return sent to us will change once its contents have been verified. Within 14 days after the return status changes, the funds for the order will be refunded to your account.

We always return the funds using the same method by which the order was paid.

In the situation where the returned goods were purchased with funds from a gift card, the amount will be refunded to the gift card, in an amount adequate to the spent funds.

Replacement of goods purchased in the online store is not possible. In a situation where the product does not meet customer expectations, it is necessary to return it and place and pay for a new order.